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The purpose of disinfecting is to” kill the bad guys” (bacteria, yeast and mold). I read somewhere that the ideal disinfectant is broad spectrum, easy to use, safe, economical and effective.  This describes our products perfectly! Here is a summary of how we stack up against this measure:

Broad Spectrum

ATO QUAT, MULTI ACTION 5and BIOXY-Sare all broad spectrum disinfectants meaning that they control a wide range of pathogens.

Easy to Use

All of our disinfectants are easy to use with simple instructions and outstanding technical support available.


ATO QUAT,MULTI ACTION 5and BIOXY-Sare all pH neutral products. They contain no harmful, toxic chemicals and can be used with complete confidence. The sad facts are that many commercial and household disinfectants are dangerous. I always tell people to read the MSDS sheet before they use. We gladly share ours because we have nothing to hide!

Our disinfectants are also registered with the CFIA (Canadian Foods Inspection Agency) and approved by Health Canada. Atomes products also carry the eco seal logo as further proof that they are safe to use.


BIOXY-Sand ATO QUATare highly concentrated and very cost effective. ATO QUATrequires just 2-5 ml per litre of water and powdered BIOXY-Sjust 2-5 grams per litre.  MULTI ACTION 5 is ready to use with dilution required.

Our customers have spoken, these products work!  Don’t take their word for it though, we have the scientific studies to prove it.