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MUTLI ACTION 5 is a ready to use highly effective cleaner and disinfectant. MULTI ACTION 5 contains a blend of 5 active ingredients to provide outstanding killing power. The efficiency of MULTI ACTION 5 (15 second kill time vs most pathogens) exceeds all known disinfectants. This powerful disinfectant is pH neutral, and contains no toxic ingredients.

Product Features

Convenient ready to use formula.

pH neutral, safe and ready to use.

Effective against all known pathogens including spores.

Fast, 15 second kill time versus most bacteria.

Approved by CFIA and registered with Health Canada.


Health Care –

MULTI ACTION 5 is a superior disinfectant for use in the health care environment. This powerful product is very effective at cleaning and disinfecting hard, non-porous surfaces like those found in hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental clinics and nursing homes.  MULTI ACTION 5 is a ready to use formula that is convenient and safe to use.  It has a slight alcohol odor that is well suited to the healthcare environment.

Farms –

MULTI ACTION 5 is an outstanding shock treatment for hog and poultry barns to avoid microbial adaptation. Its proprietary formula burns though stubborn spore cell walls to provide outstanding killing power.  MULTI ACTION 5 is also great for cleaning and disinfecting surgical and barn equipment and is a very effective boot wash.

Food Processing

- MULTI ACTION 5 is a great choice for disinfecting difficult to kill pathogens commonly found in food processing facilities. It’s non-corrosive, safe to use formula is easy to work with.  Surfaces that come in contact with food should be rinsed with potable water after disinfection.