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BIOXY-S is a powdered product that generates peracetic acid when mixed with water. This patented formula is the only pH neutral peracetic acid available. BIOXY –S is a highly effective disinfectant that controls a wide range of pathogens. BIOXY –S is 100% non-corrosive and has no odor.

Product Features

pH neutral, safe and user friendly.

Highly concentrated and economical.

NO corrosion formula

Approved for no rinse application at 0.2% concentration.

Removes and prevents biofilm.

Approved by CFIA and registered with Health Canada.


Bioxy-S is a very economical and powerful disinfectant that kills the most troublesome pathogens found in hog and poultry barns. Studies have proven that peracetic acid is effective at controlling salmonella, E.coli , Staphylococcus hyicus (Greasy Pig) and many more. Bioxy-S is used by thousands of dairies across North America to control foot rot in dairy cattle.

Food Processing

Peracetic acid is used by food processing plants world-wide and is recognized as one of the most effective disinfectants available. Bioxy-S is a safe alternative to dangerous, liquid peracetic acid. Bioxy-S can be used on any surface and is 100% non-corrosive.  Bioxy-S is approved by the CFIA for use in food processing facilities.