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ORA is a powerful concentrated liquid cleaner and degreaser. ORA can be used to effectively clean all surfaces including machines, floors and walls. ORA is very effective at removing grease and oil. For general cleaning use ORA at 3% concentration. For heavy duty and industrial application, use ORA at 5% concentration.

Product Features

pH neutral, safe and user friendly.

100% Non-Corrosive. Safe to use on all surfaces.

Available in High and Low foaming formulas.

Pleasant citrus smell.

Approved by CFIA.



 – Use to clean and degrease hog and poultry barns. ORA lowers surface tension to allow for  effective removal of organic matter.  Breaks down biofilm, and prepares surfaces for disinfectant application. 

Food Processing

-  Excellent for C.I.P systems and general plant cleaning and degreasing. Non-corrosive formula is safe to use on all machinery and surfaces.

Health Care

- Use for general facility cleaning of floors, walls and equipment. Our non-fuming, safe to use formula is perfect for the health care environment.