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Sani Foam is a highly effective alkaline chlorinated liquid cleaner. Sani Foam’s unique formula make it a cleaner/degreaser and sanitizer in one product. Sani Foam provides 300 ppm of chlorine at 1.5% concentration.Sani Foam can be used at concentrations of 1-5%.

Product Features

Highly concentrated and economical.

Available in high and low foaming formulas.

Minimal chlorine odor.

Contains anti-corrosive agents.

Approved by CFIA.



  – Use to clean and degrease hog barns and poultry barns. Sani Foam can also be used in dairy operations and is excellent at breaking down fat.  Sani Foam’s powerful foaming action loosens dirt and organic matter to make your barn squeaky clean. The addition of chlorine has a sanitizing effect but cannot be substituted for an effective disinfectant in a barn environment.

Food Processing

- Sani Foam is the product of choice for effective cleaning of food plant machinery and facilities.  Sani Foam can be used as an effective one step cleaner and sanitizer. When applied at 1.5% concentration, Sani Foam provides 300 ppm of available chlorine. Rinse with abundant water after use.