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Chemical Mixing Station

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The Model 20 SS Bypass 2-Way Airless Foamer/Sprayer is a high pressure wash/rinse system for quickly applying two chemicals and rinsing through the same hose. Using a 3 - 6 GPM pressure washer, this stainless steel venturi injection system draws and blends 2 chemical concentrate into the water stream to create an accurately diluted solution.

The solution is then projected through the discharge hose and foam wand where it draws in atmospheric air to create wet, clinging foam. Use the spray nozzle to apply non-foaming chemicals and simply open the bypass ball valve to rinse at full volume and pressure.

Key Features

Designed for 3 - 6 GPM pressure washers

Applies 2 separate chemicals or 2 different concentrations

of the same chemical.

Accurately dilutes chemicals to the required ratios and

quickly applies them as a spray or wet, clinging foam.

Foam maximizes chemical contact time and effectiveness

and provides visual assurance of coverage.

Use the fan pattern foam nozzle for fast coverage or zero

degree foam nozzle for increased range.

To rinse at full volume and pressure, simply open the

bypass ball valve and replace your original rinse nozzle

Industrial-strength stainless steel construction, with

chemically resistant wetted components, stands up to tough

conditions and constant use - Built to last!

Your equipment is protected because no chemical passes through the pump.