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Ideal D3 Detectable Needles

Ideal D3 Detectable Needles 16GX3/4 $33.90/box (100 count)
16X1 $33.90/box (100 count)
16X1.5 $33.90/box (100 count)
18X3/4 $33.90/box (100 count)
18X1 $33.90/box (100 count)

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Ideal’s patented D3 Detectable™ needles offer detectability, strength and sharpness. The detectable alloy added to the cannula of the D3 and is proven 100% detectable in metal detection systems. The D3 has a thick wall cannula which will increase load strength and prevent bending and breaking up to 6 times over conventional needles. The D3 needles are ultra-sharp with a three-point precision ground tip for sharper cuts and easier penetration while staying sharp longer.al D3 Needles.