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Ideal Needles

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Ideal Needles   16G X 1         $16.25/ box (100 count)

                            16G X1.5      $16.25/box (100 count)

                            18G X1.5      $16.25/box (100 count)

                            20GX1.0      $13.25/box (100 count)

The poly hub needles have clear hubs (as opposed to colored) for easy viewing of flashback. The metal insert increases needle strength for animal health applications. The Tri-beveled, anti-coring tips are computer-ground for consistent sharpness. The needle has an anti-friction coating for minimal penetration resistance and animal discomfort. They come in tamper-evident cartridges are safe, convenient, easily disposed of and transportable and are color-coded to follow ISO standards. The lot number is printed on each cartridge for easy tracking.