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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


 It is always recommended to consult the MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) before using any cleaner or disinfectant. Be aware of any warnings and follow the recommended safety precautions. If you are concerned about using toxic chemicals, consider switching to a safer product. All of our disinfectants are completely safe to use, pH neutral, and carry the same warnings as household dish soap. 

All of our cleaning and disinfecting products are manufactured in Quebec, Canada.  The manufacturing facility carries a current Health Canada license for pharmaceutical products and is cGMP compliant.

Yes. Our products are proven to work in real world applications. Our company representatives visit farms, food processing plants and healthcare facilities on a regular basis and see our products at work. Our customers keep coming back and recommending our products to their friends and business associates. Read the testimonials for reviews on our products from REAL users. 

Our experienced technical support staff can help advise you on the proper dilution and application of our products. 

Read the MSDS sheets which are posted on our web site. Additionally, all of our products are approved by the CFIA (Canadian Foods Inspection Agency) and registered with Health Canada. 

All orders will be processed and shipped the next business day. Shipping times and rates will depend on location and type of shipping requested. Please contact customer service for additional information.