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Dunlop Safety Plus Boots

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Dunlop has improved its Purofort® Agri Range: 

1. Lining; antibacterially treated, recognisable Dunlop red 

2. Improved insole; premium, 3x better moisture absorption, 100% better energy absorption 

In addition, the communication on the boot and the Dunlop pair box has been improved. The Dunlop® Purofort®+ Full Safety  is certified according to the most recent European standards.

A strong, durable Purofort+ boot for a variety of uses in the agricultural sector. The Purofort material technology offers insulation down to temperatures of -20°C, and the shock-absorbing sole offers comfort for daily use. The traction insole offers improved grip. The shaped shafts sit perfectly around the legs. A spacious, wide toe.An easy-to-clean tread for practical use on the farm.Features a steel-tipped toe and steel midsole for impact and penetration protection.